Wardrobe editing

Too much clothes in your wardrobe? Let’s clear it!

Is it frustrating when you open your wardrobe and it’s full of clothes, but you have no idea what to wear? Do you end up choosing the same items every day? If you do, then I am here to help you curate and organise your wardrobe so that it only has the clothes you love.
Together we will review all the items in your wardrobe and decide what you should keep and what should go. We will set aside any garments that can be altered and I’ll also advise on where any unwanted designer or branded clothing can be sold.
I will help you organise your wardrobe to see the clothes clearly, essential to being able to choose what to wear each day effortlessly and stress-free.

What’s Included

Initial phone consultation to discuss your requirements

We meet at your place* and go through your closet and identify the pieces that should stay and the ones that would need to go

I create a shopping list for you with the missing items you need

Showing you how to outfit build

Tips on how to dress for your shape and lifestyle

Guidance on where to sell good quality clothing

I’m ready,Let’s talk.

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