Men’s styling

You’re a succesful man who wants to look stylish but hasn’t the time or patience to invest in it? Stress free shopping for men? It can be done !

If you want to look stylish but find shopping tedious or too time consuming, don’t worry!I’m here to help. I’ve created this service exclusively for men, to provide a personalised, easy and fun shopping experience. We’ll consider key factors in your life such as your shape, size, occupation, lifestyle and budget. This allows me to plan and research your shopping trip before we meet.

The outcome will be quality clothing that you will enjoy wearing for a long time. I will also advice you on how to create stylish outfits and wear them with confidence, essential for success in business and pleasure!

What’s Included?

We arrange time for a call (via your prefered platform) and discuss everything in detail: your style preferences, particular occasion you need to buy your clothes for, list of items, your budget, etc.

Based on our chat, I pre-plan our stress free shopping trip, so we know exactly what we're looking for. We arrange a day and go shopping together

I help you to create the items that you really need and will enjoy for a long time so you’re perfectly styled and feel more confidence

Personal Shopping Packages

Perfect for an introduction into personal styling, a style update, a special occasion, working from home wear or a holiday wardrobe .


Appointments at tailors for made to measure or bespoke suits can be arranged for you. Where I liaise with the tailor on the fabric, colour and cuts that will suit you best. Price depending on brief..

I’m ready,Let’s talk.

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